Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Who's driving this bus anyways?

I've been told that I can be a little obsessive compulsive,(I like the word "driven") a wee bit of a perfectionist,( I prefer to say "detail oriented") and that I am (I like to use the more positive word, "focused") Now, mostly this is just my kids that say these things. Okay, my kids and my friends. Alright then, my kids, my friends and my Mom. Whatever.

I have a plan for the minute, hour, day, month, year, my life, your life, whatever. And usually I'm pretty sure it's the way "God intended" it to be. (wink, wink) But lately He seems to keep asking "Who's driving this bus?" Now I'm a pretty good driver, so I think He would be safe to let me do it my way , uh, I mean drive.

But I need to remember I am not the one in charge, I need to ask for guidance; to be still, and listen, and watch for signs, but I still have that knee jerk reaction of "oh-no-I-am-quite-sure-that's-not-the-plan-He-has-in-mind-for-me" attitude when an answer seems to appear that isn't what I had been planning for.

Now I don't mind learning a lesson now and then. And by reading the first paragraph you know I have a few lessons to learn yet. I know, I hear you all saying, "ya think". I just want Him to let me know exactly what that lesson is so I can learn it and get on with it.

I tell ya, this, let go & let God, stuff is sometimes so much harder than it sounds. I reminded myself who was really driving the bus, and took my seat near the big newly opened window.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Christmas Countdown

You'll notice the wonderful Christmas countdown in the sidebar. I LOVE this. I have already started my "8 Weeks to Christmas" plan. I have done this for sooooo many years I don't even remember how long I've been doing it. I just know Christmas goes so much more smoothly when I follow my plan. And YES, I have been listening to Christmas music already. Haven't you???

You don't have any Christmas music Cd's you say? Try MCG channel 500. Christmas music, all Christmas, all day, all the time. They have a good mix of different types of music. I'm usually a Christain music person but at Christmas I can even get into a little Chipmunks Christmas. Who doesn't love em some Alvin??

Don't get me wrong. I love Thanksgiving and I feel that is what fall is all about. Everyday when I see the leaves changing and the guys in the field I do give thanks for everything the Lord has blessed us with. But any woman that has hosted at least one Christmas at her house or has hosted a Christmas party or Cookie party knows, you have to start early. Now my family is a little different than most. We have 5 family Christmas's. Yup, count em'- 5. And I host at least 3 of them at my house. We have Christmas with my Dad the sunday before (my house), my Mom's Christmas Eve (my house), we open our gifts Christmas day(my house), my Mother in-laws the weekend after, and my Step Dad's around New Years. And for Kicks & Giggles I usually host an annual Cookie Party. Soooooo, I have to start early. It's what keeps me sane.

I usually have everything done the week before Christmas so I can really enjoy the week leading up to Christmas. But that does mean I start right after Halloween. I'm not a big Halloween person, I decorate for Fall, and I usually do that the end of September. And I usually have decortations in almost every room. And then we go right into decorating for Christmas, and I have a Christmas tree in EVERY room and on all 3 levels of my house. So my house is not the same from September until the 2nd week of Jan.

The worst part of it all is the tear down in Jan. I take the week after Christmas to still enjoy all of my decorations. I love the soft glow the trees make in a room. Then the first of Jan. I start the tear down. I takes me a long time to tear down all of this. And then it's just plain. I always think I'll leave the snowmen stuff out but I never do. It's usually sad after the tear down because things just seem bare and lonely after that. But this year we're planning a wedding so we'll be busy getting ready for that. And what a great way to start the new year!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Engagement pictures

I love this picture of Tyler and Emma! It is my favorite by far. But if you look at any picture of two people in love it's going to be a good picture. Here are a few others that they had taken too.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I've been tagged!

I was tagged by sweet sweet Ashely, that has a very special place in my heart very near my own daughter. Which makes sense if you know her Mother and I are best friends, Ashley and Erica are friends, Ashely's brother and Tyler are friends and her Dad and Roger are friends. So she is FAMILY in every sense. I love her like my own! My heart breaks when her heart breaks and her heart has been broke more than her fair share. I would give anything to make "everything ok" for her.
So when she asks me to tell 7 random things about myself she will definitely get 7 very random things. So here are my 7 crazy, quirky, you've got to be kidding, random things:

1. In high school I wanted to be a psychologist for the criminally insane. Which is insane if you know me because I'm a big ol scaredy cat. And I wouldn't be able to sleep at night knowing all of those wack o's were out there.

2. I use to get up early in the morning and run on the old Hwy. 92 west road, when I was in Jr. High and High school. JUST. FOR. FUN. Ha, can you believe it???

3. And I swear, once upon a very short time I was a size 5. Ya, you read that right. Blows your mind doesn't it?? I have a few pictures to show it and up until 2 years ago I still had the shorts to prove it. And then I faced reality and knew I would NEVER get there again.

4. I started dating my husband when I was 16 and he was 22.

5. We were married 3 days after I graduated from high school.

6. I have taken care of my Dad, who is blind, for 32 years. Now don't you dare do the math, I don't want you to know how OLD I am. I was 12 when I started doing his laundry, groc. shopping and cleaning around the house.

7. I went to high school with my best friend, but we didn't really know each other then. Now I would lay down my life for her. The Lord has brought us together and we are so blessed thru our friendship. We laugh at how many people we both knew and how are lives have crossed paths thru the years but it took us going to the same church to bring us together.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Win a free Handbag

Go to Handbag Planet and win a free handbag. You can choose the one they are giving away at that time or you can pick a different handbag. And who can't use another handbag???

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Thank You Sweet Anna Mae

A very big Thank You to Anna for this wonderful blog award. She is the sweetest girl ever. I say girl but she is a grown woman, who is a wife, a mother, a very strong Christian. She will always be a young girl in my heart. The sweet young girl that handed out smiles and hugs and brightened so many peoples days and hearts. Her heart is as big as her hugs and she has learned from the very best huggers, her Mom and Grandma. They have also taught her how to be a strong prayer warrior. You can visit her blog at Anna Whispers

This award comes with a questionnaire:

1. Do you have the same friends since childhood?
My friend Karen and I have been together since Jr. High and Paul's Pizza. My closest friends, prayer partners, accountability keepers and Martha want-a-be's are Thelma and Mona.

2. What do you value most about your friends?
They love, care and worry about my kids as much as I do. They are honest, trustworthy and have a strong walk with the Lord.

3. Are your friends your sounding boards?
Absolutely and they tell me when I'm way off track. Which can be alot!

4. What is your favorite activity to share with your friends?
Our bible study time, curb shopping, drooling over Mona's grandbaby.

I'm also supposed to share this award with 4 other friends...
Angela at The West Family
Melissa at StretchMarks
Elizabeth at Lizzy Bell's Frozen Delights

Thursday, September 25, 2008

My kid is trying to kill me

Did you ever see your child's life flash before your very eyes??? I did today! I saw my sweet, precious baby boy on a motorcycle. Ok, yeah I know he's 22 years old. But, He. Was. On. A. Motorcycle!

I was minding my own business coming home from Wal Mart. And I saw him from 3 blocks away and I KNEW it was him. Couldn't see his face, couldn't tell from his clothes, but a Mother knows these things. My heart stopped beating and I couldn't breath. And he WASN"T wearing a helmet! Can I just say "Kill me now, why don't ya" . That smiling face that makes your heart melt when he gives you that smile that says "there's no way you can resist me & your going to kill me for what I've done". THAT precious face was totally unprotected.

He turned the corner before I got to him and so I turned and then he saw me. The smile I referred to above is the smile that I got when our eyes met. I couldn't think or speak. My heart was in my throat and I wanted to kill this child of mine and he just kept smiling and said "it's hard for you isn't it?" Yaaaa think?

I know, I know, lots of people ride motorcycles and live to tell about it. But you don't understand.
This is MY child and the Lord blessed us with him being absolutely perfect and I want to keep him that way. In his whole life if somethings going to go wrong, it will go wrong for him. And I want to keep my kids in ONE piece, I'm kinda funny that way.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Tylers Engaged!!!

Tyler got engaged August 16! I know it's a little late posting on here but he had to go to Illinois and tell his Grandma Taft in person. So now we can shout it from the roof tops. Yeah!!

Ok, now for all of the details. Tyler took Emma to Galena, IL so he could show her Eagle Ridge Golf course and Spa, where he worked when he was in college. He showed her the ballroom where they had the Emmaus banquets and where a lot of weddings were held and the balcony that looked out over the lake. Then they walked around the grounds and when they got to the gazebo overlooking the lake they sat and talked and he told her he really wished he could of gotten her ring because this would be a perfect spot to get engaged. (She was really disappointed because he had been so busy that week at work that there was no way he could get to Des Moines to get the ring.)They talked some more and he kept trying to think of a way to get her to look away so he could get the ring out of his pocket. And then he got down on his knee and proposed. She was really surprised and didn't expect it at all. Of course she said yes! So now we are planning a wedding for the spring.

Monday, August 25, 2008

My Baby moved

I know, I know, I'm a terrible blogger. Summer has been so busy that I haven't had time to keep up. Lots of exciting things happening here but I can't share all the news yet.

But one thing I can share now is, Erica moved to Waukee, Ia. and is living with my brother and his family. Oh yes, you know I cried on the way home. She is more than a daughter. She has become a very special friend. Any of you with grown daughters know the wonderful transformation that comes from being Mom and daughter to becoming friends. This is the most treasured friendship of all! And now it will become more of a long distance friendship.

It was very bitter sweet. Sad to see her go but we know the Lord has so many wonderful things waiting for her there. More job opportunities, great churches, her friends already live up there, and maybe a new boyfriend, shopping and Starbucks! Who can say no to Starbucks or Panera! Right now she's going to be a sub in the Waukee school district and Dallas-Center Grimes. That will keep her plenty busy. Waukee has 5 elem. schools of their own. She can't wait to get her first call. It's a very exciting time for her.

Roger and I are getting used to being by ourselves again. You wouldn't think having one kid leave home would make that much difference but it has. What will I do with all of my free time?? LOL

Next monday I will be able to post some more new and exciting news. Can't wait!
See you then.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


We are back from vacation and of course it has been a busy week. But we had such a good time. We spent lots of time on the beach of course. And no matter how many times we go we still get sun burned. There is always some spot you forget to put lotion on.
This year Erica's friend Lindsey went with us and Tyler's girlfriend Emma went too. The girls were so much fun. We had extra hands to take pics of us on the beach. We usually have to ask somebody going by to take our picture. For what ever reason we waited until the last night to take pictures on the beach. It got dark quickly but we still got some great shots.

This year we took a boat ride to an island and got to see dolphins and hunt for shells. Some of us got a little worried when the captain said to be careful of baby sharks swimming close to the shore of the island. Needless to say Emma and I didn't go into far. Tyler has no fear and went pretty far into the water. As far as we know there wasn't any close but you never know. We did see lots of jelly fish on the beach close to our beach house. The house was remodeled this year so it was very different but we loved it. And as always our favorite place is the front porch were Roger and I had breakfast every morning.

We've only been back a few days but it seems like weeks since we were on vacation. It was so relaxing and now we are back to the same roller coaster as before. Life keeps going full speed ahead. Hope you all are enjoying your summer vacation.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Its been a crazy couple of weeks. Last weekend I went to a training retreat for I Remember When. Took me out of my comfort zone driving to Wisconsin for 5 1/2 hours by myself. I couldn't have done it without my brothers GPS. I still got lost and I'm sure it had me going in circles. They sure do have you make alot of left turns. But I finally made it and we had so much fun. Learned a lot of great business info and we went to see Lake Delton completely dry!! There are so many neat women with this company and we all became fast friends.
And we went to a scrapbook store while we were there. Which is funny since we all SELL scrapbook supplies. But you can never have enough stuff and this store carried wonderful totes, bags and paper we hadn't seen yet. The gals there were so much fun. They gave us all a free gift for coming to the store and one of the gals got up on the counter and took our picture in the middle of the store.

I got back from that trip Sunday night and today we are leaving for South Carolina. We love the beach house we stay at there. They have completely remodeled it so we're anxious to get there and see the new changes. They have pictures on the internet but it's not the same as actually seeing it. Tyler's excited that they have 5 flat screen TV's. But I think we all will be spending most of our time at the beach!

Monday, June 23, 2008

OK, so I'm not a very good blogger. Life has been like a roller coaster lately and I want off. NOW! I can't believe life is busier now than when the kids were little. But it is. Speaking of kids, life never turns out like you think it will. LOL
Erica is waiting to hear back from an interview for a postion in the Dallas Center/ Grimes school district and we have a week to wait before they will make their decision. She thinks she is the only one going crazy waiting. I'm about to lose my mind. If she gets it she will move to West Des Moines. I'm trying to be positive but I thought she would be the one that stayed close to home and Tyler would move to Des Moines like my brother Derek. But Tyler bought a house 2 blocks from us, so I'm set on seeing him quite often.
But I never really thought Erica would move out of Osky. To Des Moines, no less. I am so excited for her most of the time. A new exciting job, GREAT shopping, wonderful restaurants, a great choice of churches and making new friends. But it's scary too. Thinking of her living up there and there's more crime than here in Osky and I can't make sure she's ok all the time. She's a big girl you say? I know, she's 23. But she's still my little girl. She will always be 13 yrs old in my head and 4 yrs old in my heart.
I keep telling myself that Derek and Emily will keep an eye on her and if she needs anything they are right there. And if this is where the Lord wants her than this is were she needs to be. When she student taught in Dubuque she taught at an inner city school so she has the training she needs to deal with all kinds of kids and situations. I know she can handle it. I just need to get used to the idea of her living up there. I know, she hasn't even gotten the job yet but I need LOTS and LOTS of time to get used to new things. And this one won't be easy. But it will be exciting. Like taking the kids to kindergarten for the first time: it was sad because it was the end of them being my little kids. But it was exciting because there was so many new things they were going to learn and experience.
OK, I think I'm doing better. "Thinking out loud" always seems to help.
I'll let you know next week when we get the call.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


It finally feels like summer! This year has been hard in switching my mind to summer and the relaxing pace we all enjoy. For 19 years my kids have gone to school and you always knew summer started when they were out of school for summer vacation. But this is the first year that neither of them were in school and there was nothing to note that summer had officially arrived. I just kept thinking it didn't feel like summer yet. There were no HOT days to signify summer. (just lots of rain). I couldn't make myself sleep in a little longer or sit on the porch swing without feeling guilty. I couldn't sit and read a book or watch a movie with my daughter during the day without feeling like I should be up doing something. Why is that? Well, no answer here.

We had a cookout at our house saturday night before Fathers Day and that finally triggered my brain into thinking it's summer. Yeah!! So monday and tuesday night Erica and I watched movies. Just nonsense chick flicks. But we had so much fun. Laughing and lounging and her yelling at me because I can't just sit and watch a movie without getting up and doing something every once in a while. It's a Mom thing. Or a type A personality thing. Not sure but I"m going to work on that over the summer.

Now I'm off to Tyler's to help Emma sew a purse. What do I know about sewing? Not a thing. But I know how to thread the bobbin and the machine. So together we'll get it done. And what better way to spend a summer day then spending time with this precious girl.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Front Porch Party

Now doesn't that sound like fun? It makes me want to go out on my front porch and have a few friends over. Especially my bible study friends. These ladies are the best and they appreciate the value of a front porch and the quietness of sitting there with good friends and digging deep into the word of the Lord. Just imagine it: a cold glass of tea or lemonade, a comfy chair, flowers all around you, a gentle breeze, the soft laughter of your very best friends. You feel the Lord blessing you and your friendship together because you have taken time out of your very busy lives to spend time together and to go deeper into His word. And thats what a front porch party is all about. Sharing time with friends.
So lets all head out to our front porches, decks or patios and spruce them up a bit. Make a pitcher of tea or lemonade and invite some friends over or your very best friend- your husband.

The blog that got all of this started is Rose Colored Glasses and they are having a Front Porch Party Thursday June 5. You can go there and see everyones warm and welcoming porches. Here's pictures of my front porch

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

It's a Good Day

Today has been a great day actually. I am a consultant for I Remember When and I had applied for a State Rep position that will cover several states. And last night I found out I got it!! I really didn't think I had a chance. I've only been with the company for 1 year and there were alot of women who had the option to apply and they have been there longer than I have. It's alot of paper work and time on the phone and computer but I'm very happy I got it. It will help me build my business too.

I hate to do it but it's in the "Need to Do" catagory and thats have a yard sale. So this weekend we are having a yard sale. How do we accumulate so much stuff every year? For those that know me, they know I LOVE to go "Curb Shopping" so some of the stuff is from that but not to much. I usually really like the stuff I pick up and I use it for a couple of years at least. So it's mostly the size 7 jeans I haven't worn for years and finally give up on ever getting back into. And I have some scrapbook stuff that isn't my taste any more so it's going in there too. Some of my IRW inventory that I would like to get rid of is being marked down too. Which reminds me, I need to get back to work and get things priced. See you at the yard sale.

Monday, June 2, 2008

I'm a Blogger

I really am a blogger. This from a woman who doesn't even write Christmas letters. But we're stepping outside the box and trying something new.
And the new and exciting thing happening today is talking to our travel agent about our trip to Hawaii in Feb. 2009. This is a trip we've been dreaming about for along time. So our gift to each other for our 25th anniversary, which was May 28, is this wonderful trip. Ohhhhh, can't you just
imagine yourself sitting on the beach watching the sunset? Sorry, no stow aways in the suitcases.

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