Monday, August 25, 2008

My Baby moved

I know, I know, I'm a terrible blogger. Summer has been so busy that I haven't had time to keep up. Lots of exciting things happening here but I can't share all the news yet.

But one thing I can share now is, Erica moved to Waukee, Ia. and is living with my brother and his family. Oh yes, you know I cried on the way home. She is more than a daughter. She has become a very special friend. Any of you with grown daughters know the wonderful transformation that comes from being Mom and daughter to becoming friends. This is the most treasured friendship of all! And now it will become more of a long distance friendship.

It was very bitter sweet. Sad to see her go but we know the Lord has so many wonderful things waiting for her there. More job opportunities, great churches, her friends already live up there, and maybe a new boyfriend, shopping and Starbucks! Who can say no to Starbucks or Panera! Right now she's going to be a sub in the Waukee school district and Dallas-Center Grimes. That will keep her plenty busy. Waukee has 5 elem. schools of their own. She can't wait to get her first call. It's a very exciting time for her.

Roger and I are getting used to being by ourselves again. You wouldn't think having one kid leave home would make that much difference but it has. What will I do with all of my free time?? LOL

Next monday I will be able to post some more new and exciting news. Can't wait!
See you then.
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