Monday, October 20, 2008

Engagement pictures

I love this picture of Tyler and Emma! It is my favorite by far. But if you look at any picture of two people in love it's going to be a good picture. Here are a few others that they had taken too.


Anna Mae said...

SOOOOO COOL! I love the first one too! i have to admit though... it was weird seeing tyler holding Emma up under her butt!!! LOL LOL ;) They look like they love each other! CAN'T WAIT FOR THE WEDDING!!!!

The West Family said...

Dana, Great Pictures... who took them? Wish I could be there for all the excitement! Contratulations on your son's upcoming marriage! Lots of love,

IRW Dana said...

Alex Doak's wife Chelsey took them. She did a great job. If you were still around Osky you know who I would of called.

I love your blog. I visit it when I can. I really enjoy seeing the pictures of the girls. Their growing up so fast. Love the story about Hannah shaving like Daddy.

Hope you had a great birthday. Sorry I didn't get a card to you. I was in Waukee taking care of my brothers kids while he ran a marathon in the Netherlands.
It was fun being with the kids that week.

Tell the girls and Ted, Hi
Love Dana

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