Friday, January 23, 2009

Lost Little Girl

I had a lost little girl show up at my house almost 2 weeks ago. She was truly a bright spot in a very snowy and cold day. She was so cheery I left her on my front porch to cheer up everyone else that past by that day. And then she sat in my dining room for the rest of the week just to give me a chuckle every time I passed by her.

Now this little girl has a very long story behind her but anyone that knows me also knows I like to go "curb shopping". This poor little girl was picked up on the curb and put in the front yard of the sweetest, most kind person I know. She also has a wicked sense of humor (my friend, not the hula girl). I get my very best laughs from her.
This poor lost girl has been dressed up for Christmas, Easter and now to remind me of our coming trip to Hawaii. My of my, what will she dress up like next??????

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