Thursday, February 19, 2009

Quick update of events

This will be a very quick update. 5 days and counting until we leave.

Lets go back to Valentines Day. I hope you had a wonderful Valentines. I certainly did. Roger surprised me beyond belief. I lost the diamond out of my engagement ring last April. We couldn't find the diamond and the prongs were broke and it couldn't be fixed. So I just had my wedding band. Roger wanted to buy me a new diamond but I wasn't ready to replace it yet. For Valentines he bought me a gorgeous anniversary diamond ring. He's not a man that buys jewelery so I never expected him to pick something out by himself. We hadn't even looked at anything yet. He did a great job. It's pretty big and has taken some getting used to but I LOVE it.

Tuesday night we went to met with the travel agent to get our tickets and itinerary and Tyler and Emma met us at Happy Joes for supper after we were done. We had a wonderful time talking and just relaxing for a change. Roger and I went to Wal Mart to buy a camera for our trip and the kids headed home.
Tyler called when we were just leaving the store and he sounded upset. He told me the Blazer was on fire and they needed us to get there right away. Of course we drove as fast as we could. But it seemed like a long drive from Pella to the 235th Street near Osky. My stomach turned upside down when we saw the flashing lights of the fire truck and the Sherriffs car.
If we would have come home at the same time we would have been right behind them. I really believe the Lord spared me the visual image of my sons vehicle on fire. He knew I wouldn't handle it very well.
The car that was behind them stopped to make sure they were ok. He had a shovel in his car and Tyler used it to throw snow and mud on the Blazer to put the fire out. We're so thankful they saw it and got out in time. It was in the rear of the Blazer and close to the gas tank. The Lord definately had His hand of protection around them that night. THANK YOU LORD!

What's new with you??? I think we have had enough excitement for awhile. Well, except for Hawaii. I'll post pictures when we get back.


Anna Mae said...

oh my gosh!!!! what in the world started the fire???? Praise God they both were ok!!!! :( jeez...

so excited for you and your upcoming trip... and pretty dang jealous of your new ring! ;) lol i can't wait to see it and "ooooooooh and aaaaaaaaaah" over it! :) love you and enjoy your trip! can't wait for the wedding!

IRW Dana said...

Oh Anna, your so sweet. I can't wait to see all 3 of you at the wedding. And thank you for the Valentine. You are so sweet to think of us. Give Nathaniel a big hug for me. Love You!

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