Monday, October 5, 2009

A very dear friend

I finally have pictures downloaded on my computer of a wonderful visit from a very sweet friend. Angela and her girls have a very special place in my heart and her family is just the sweetest. Ted, Angela and the girls moved to Minnesota almost 3 years ago and we've kept in touch by email and our blogs, but it just does a heart good to be able to hug and talk face to face with a friend. We spent long late night hours talking and laughing and sharing our lives and hearts with one another. It really does make me miss her even more.
This was taken before church on Sunday. I look like I'm half asleep and my camara was acting up so I was frustrated with it. I'm not really sure why our hair looks all glittery, I could say mine was the grey hair shining thru but thats not the case with Angela. She's way to young to even think about grey hair yet. She has a better picture with her camara so hopefully I look more awake in that one.

(Angela, I listened to my first Christmas song today, ssshhhhh-don't tell anyone)

1 comment:

Kristii said...

What a fantastic picture!!!
Wishing you a happy day girl!!! Happy Birthday!

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