Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Thankful Thursday Challenge

I know todays not Thursday, but I read DL.Art's blog regularly and I guessed I missed her Thankful Thursday challenge so I'm entering it today. Make sure you check out her blog-DL.Art, she's giving away a $15 Starbucks, Micheals, or JoAnn's gift card.
She asked everyone to show something your thankful for. We all think of our family first and right behind family we're thankful for our dearest friends. But for this challenge you have to show a picture of something your thankful for, but it can't be a person. Right away I knew what I was thankful for. Our time on the beach in South Carolina. We love the beach and go every year. It's better than the corn fields of Iowa!

Our family has so much fun and have so many special memories from our time spent their. Our kids are adults and they still like to vacation with us. We are so very blessed.

Happy Scrapping

Sunday, December 25, 2011


                      Merry Christmas from our home to yours. 

                                                                      The Tafts

I wish this is where we lived. Although it's not to bad in Iowa right now. It's a balmy 43 degrees today. This picture is on our Christmas cards this year. It was taken in South Carolina this summer on our family vacation. Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas! 

Happy Scrapping

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sense & Sensibility Vinyl

This is a quick project I made for my daughter. When we go to visit her at her apartment I always like to leave a little surprise for her to find when we leave. This is so inexpensive and quick. I went to a couple stores in town that carried tile and asked if they would sell me 8x8 or 12x12 individual tiles. Most stores here don't sell individual tile so I didn't have a great selection. They would only sell from a box that had been damaged and they couldn't sell in the store. But they were very inexpensive. Only $1 a piece, so I bought several.

My daughter's apartment living room is brown and aqua so I went with the brown vinyl I already had. She loves Jane Austen so this was the perfect image from Word Collage.

Happy Scrapping

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Winners of 12 Days of Christmas Giving

Today is such a fun day, I can't wait to list all of the giveaway winners. It has been a very fun 12 days. Thank you all so much for being followers and joining in the 12 Days Of Christmas Giving. I can't believe we didn't have any double winners. Lets get to the giveaways. And the winners are:

Day 1 winner of Studio G stamps: Silvia

Day 2 winner House Built of Cards

 Day 3 winner Bunnyfreak

Day 4 winner Sugarlips

Day 5 winner Anna-(if I can't go to the Beach)

Day 6 winner Cathy-(mexico pet shop)

Day 7 winner ScrappinDilly

Day 8 winner Happy Scrappin

Day 9 winner  Amy E

Day 10 winner  Crafty Teacher

Day 11 winner  Lisa's Creative Niche

Day 12 winner Tennabug38

Please email me at with your mailing address and please add your blog address so I can make sure the right person is responding. THANK YOU!
 Merry Christmas 
Happy Scrapping


Monday, December 12, 2011

12 Days of Christmas Giving DAY 12

 It's been so fun spending the last 12 days with you all. You've been so kind in your comments and waiting patiently for my very late posts. Crafters are just the nicest people around and you all make my heart smile. I can't wait to draw the winners and send out all the gifts. After the 12 Days Of Christmas Giving I'm going to try to post more often. You would think I would be used to posting daily but I don't have that many projects done to share. Hopefully after Christmas I will get to spend lots of time in my scraproom and have lots to share. Make sure you comment on all 12 posts to be entered.

Day 12 Gift:
Today's gift is the final gift in the 12 Days Of Christmas Giving. It's been a great 12 days and I've loved sharing a few of my favorite things. Today's gift is the Winter Lace cartridge for the Cricut. I use this cartridge and I LOVE it. It has so many great snowflakes images.

To enter to win be a follower and leave a comment with a way for me to reach you. I will pick all 12 winners on December 14.

Happy Scrapping

Sunday, December 11, 2011

12 Days of Christmas Giving DAY 11

Seems like my posts are getting later and later. I think it's getting busier as Christmas gets closer, so I think its a good thing we're getting to the end of the 12 Days Of Christmas Giving. It's been fun but it's hard to post every day. I don't know how the other gals do it. I love reading their blogs daily and I'm in awe of the projects they post but I'm not great about getting in my craft room when life gets busy. So thank you all very much for hanging in there with me.

Day 11 gift:
Today's gift is my FAVORITE adhesive. I love my Glue Glider Pro, and I have 3 of them. One in my travel scraptote so it's ready when I go to crops, one in my turntable on my scrap island and one near my Cricut. I know lots of gals like the ATG gun but I can honestly say I've never used one. But I would highly recommend the Glue Glider Pro. I was lucky enough to win the new adhesive cartridge by Glue Glider Pro that goes back and forth and in every direction. I can't wait to try it out!

To enter to win become a follower and leave a comment with a way for me to reach you. I will pick all 12 winners on December 14.


Happy Scrapping

Saturday, December 10, 2011

12 Days of Christmas Giving DAY 10

Short post today,  we are doing our last day of shopping today and tonight is DH's company Christmas party. There is always great food and conversation. We have a little White Elephant gift exchange and that makes for a few laughs each year.
I'll leave you with a couple layouts I did of Christmas a few years ago. I'm a little behind. I've given up hoping to ever catch up. 

Day 10 gift:
Todays gift is a Xyron sticker maker. LOVE LOVE my Xyron's. I have almost all of them and they are a great adhesive. I use this one especially for the smaller cuts on my Cricut. The new animal prints are fun too.

To enter to win make sure your a follower and leave a comment with a way for me to reach you. I will pick all 12 winners on December 14.

Happy Scrapping

Friday, December 9, 2011

12 Days of Christmas Giving DAY 9

Merry Merry Christmas! Don't you love days that really put you in the Christmas spirit? We got a decent snow last night, my day has went according to plan so far, all the trees are lite in my house, I'm still making candy and listening to Micheal Buble on the cd player. Life is good.

Friends and I were trying to decide if we were going to do presents  for each other this year. One dear friend helped us remember how precious friends are and we decided to celebrate the preciousness of our friendship and not the materialism that comes with Christmas. In our bible study were are blessed to be very very good friends and we are always there for one another. We love each others kids as our own and pray for them like we pray for our own kids. So many people that have witnessed our friendship have commented about how blessed we are to have the type of  friendship we have.  We know not everyone is as blessed as we are. Some people are very lonely in our crowded busy lives. So many women are busy working, being Moms, wives, cleaning their homes and being everything to everyone that they really don't have time for good friends. As women we really need those friendships. They help us recharge for our families, and they help keep us in check and remind us we're not alone in the many trials we go thru. It's always a good day to have a chat with a friend.

Here's a layout I made to put in a frame of 2 of my dear friends and myself. Sorry for the bad picture. I didn't have time to edit it and I had to take a picture inside because it got dark on me before I realized how late it was.

Day 9 gift:
Todays gift is frames from Tim Holtz. There are 6 metal plates. They add  a great touch to mini albums.

To enter to win make sure your a follower and leave a comment with a way for me to reach you. I will pick all 12 winners on Dec. 14.

Happy Scrapping

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Winner Cindy Loo cartridge 12 Days of Christmas Giving Day 8

EDIT** So sorry ladies, I had this post ready first thing this morning but I had my 6 month nephew all day and totally forgot to post this. SO SORRY!

I'm so excited to announce the winner of the Cindy Loo cartridge! Thank you to everyone that followed me over here from my old blog and all the new followers too. I've been trying to be a better blogger but I don't know how everyone does it with all the activities of life. I just can't get into my craft room as often as I'd like but I really appreciate everyone for sticking with me. I promise lots of craft projects after Christmas. I host Thanksgiving and 2 Christmases at my home (my parents are divorced) and we travel to Illinois for my husbands family too. So life is VERY busy this time of year. But we're all busy so no more excuses.

I can't wait to announce the winner. KHRISTA the Crafty Teacher is the winner of the Cindy Loo cartridge. CONGRATS Khrista!
Crafty Teacher said...
Congratulations on the new blog. Very elegant looking. :) I'm a new follower and so look forward to seeing all your creations. :)Thanks! Khrista

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

12 Days of Christmas Giving Day 7

Another busy day here in paradise. Oh how I wish I was in paradise, but it's Iowa. It's been cold with a skiff of snow, not enough to make it pretty just a bit around the edges of the sidewalk. I had a fun day of playing BayBlades with my nephew. Please don't ask what BayBlades are. I have NO idea!! In my opinion their a bit like a top that spins. School was released early today so I had the pleasure of picking him up from school and we hung out for the afternoon. I love the sweetness that an 8 year old boy has. Sweet, innocent and just loves hanging out with Aunt Dana. It really makes me miss my son when he was that age. He's 25 now so it's been a very long time ago that he was 8. 

Day 7 gift:
Todays gift is an assortment of bling and pearls. Their great for layouts and cards.
To enter to win please be a follower and leave a comment with a way for me to reach you. I will draw all 12 winners on December 14.

Happy Scrapping

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

12 Days of Christmas Giving Day 6

Today has been a very good day. I volunteered at Maple Ridge this morning. It's an assisted living center that  my dear dear friend works at as activities directer. We helped the residents make Christmas cards and addressed them. It always does my heart good when I'm there. The ladies are wonderful and are as sweet as can be. It really makes my heart smile all day when I help. After helping at Maple Ridge I went to one of my cleaning jobs, I made 18 loafs of banana, pumpkin and lemon poppy seed bread and then I made Cheesy Potato soup for supper and now I'm watching A Michael Buble Christmas. I still need to mix up peanut butter balls and put them in the frig so I can dip them in chocolate tomorrow.  But it has been a very good and productive day.

Day 6 gift:
Todays gift is Teresa Collins trims. I love everything Teresa Collins and the pink flowers in this pack are wonderful. There are 3 trims with a total 67 inches of trim.

To enter to win make sure your a follower and leave a comment with a way for me to reach you if your one of the lucky winners. I will pick the 12 winners on December 14.

Happy Scrapping
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