Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cricut Fun Cups

When I joined the Cricut Circle I received the Everyday Cricut Cartridge and I LOVE it. It was one of the main reasons I joined the Circle. I've really enjoyed so many wonderful things about the Circle since then but it was the main reason I joined in the beginning.

I wanted to make something fun with it and I had seen these cups at Wal Mart. It's about the only store in my small town. So if you don't find it at Wal Mart you have to travel 60+ miles to Des Moines where there's a better selection of stores. The cup is insulated and has a twist on lid with strong plastic straw. It's a very durable cup and the other one is a brighter green with a plastic belly band around it.

So I took my Everyday Cricut cartridge and found the Cricut Circle head that I wanted to add to the cups. There are so many great images on this cartridge. I'm sure I'll be using it alot. There's also some crafty phrases I want to add to my scrapbook room walls.

Both cups are green so I wanted to use pink vinyl on both of them. I cut several different sizes for the cups. The only vinyl that I had access to was the Cricut vinyl that Wal Mart carries. You can order permanent adhesive vinyl on line but it didn't work out for me to do that right now. So I just used what I had on hand. So far I have hand washed my cup several times and I haven't had any problems.

This first cup is a bit busy. I think I got a little slap happy in slapping so many circles on it. But it makes me happy every time I use it.
I really like the Cricut green color of this cup. I decorated it for a blog giveaway for the Mother's Day blog hop I was in. I used the inside circles of the Cricut symbol to add to the embossed circles on the rubber grip.
And both cups have the added surprise of a Circle head around the opening for the straw.
It's so quick and easy making these cups. I want to make one for my niece and put pink crowns on it.


Judy said...

Cricut is just to cute. I love it

Cely said...

So so so cuuute! :) LOVE it!

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