Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Little House Guests

This week has been very busy but also lots of fun. We started last weekend with these cute as a button house guests.

Roger's niece Amanda asked us to have the kids at our house for a few days and we were so happy to have them for as long as we could. Lucas is as cute as can be and likes to give lots of loves. He's become my little monkey man.
Ellie is such a girly girl and so much fun. She's as smart as they come and loved playing "school" the Erica. Erica had been done teaching school for about a week so she was happy to play teacher for Ellie. They did worksheets everyday.
We went to the park and played in the wadding pool and spent lots of time on the swing on our front porch. The time went so fast. We can't wait until they can spend time here again.

After Lucas and Ellie left than Andrew came to stay with us the next day. Andrew is always so much fun. He spends alot of time at our house.
My brother Terry and his wife Stacy had a scheduled C section and Andrew got to spend 3 days with us. He was excited to welcome his little brother to our family.

Welcome to Cameron! He's a big boy and just about as cute as they come. He was welcomed by his 3 big brothers. Andrew is going to be a big helper to Mom and Dad.

I think thats it for house guests this summer. Hopefully I can get back to crafting next week.

Happy Crafting!

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Awe Precious:)

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