Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Vacation 2011

We had a wonderful week on the beach for vacation last week. We love the beach and just spending time relaxing. The house we rent is by the best beach. It's not crowded or busy. There's lots of room to just watch the waves and relax. Erica and I read alot and they guys just walked up and down the beach looking for shells. We usually find lots of shells but this year there wasn't very many. Tyler surprised us one day by shaving his head. He wanted his head to get tanned before we left. The day we took pictures it was still pretty white. But after a day of golfing and being on the beach it was nice and red by the time we left. This is the beautiful sight we had every evening. The sunset reflecting off the water was awe inspiring. I thanked the Lord each day for this wonderful sight. It soothes my soul of so many things I haven't released to him. I feel closer to Him at the beach than any where else. Praying you all have a great summer.

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