Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Cricut Figures

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The Cricut vinyl figures are so cute and a perfect addition to a craft room. I thought one would look cute next to my E2. There's several different colors, I think there's 11 colors. And almost any color would look good in my scraproom except the blue one. I'm not a big fan of blue. Sooooo guess what color vinyl figure I get????? Thats right! The blue one!

He looks purple in the picture but he's blue. And so I am! Not sure I'm going to try for another one. When you order them they just send a random color and I sure don't want another blue one.
Happy Scrapping


Josie0602 said...

Hey Dana...have you tried going to the message board in the Product and Deals forum to see if anyone wants to trade you for another color? Or you could sell it so you could try for another color. I trade my white for a green (and like you, I dont want to buy ten to get the color I wanted!)

shersl84bed said...

I have to laugh, because that is what would happen to me too.

Smiles Sher

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