Saturday, December 29, 2012

Hello Again!

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and you all enjoyed your time with family. I did take a break from my blog and my Close To My Heart business for most of the month. My life is all about family and they are always my main priority. And the wonderful part of this job and the Close To My Heart family is the ability to take time off when you like. I had a class Dec 7 and then have taken the rest of December off. It's been a busy month cooking, cleaning,  illnesses, lots of family time and remembering the reason for the season. My daughter is still here for a few more days but I'm starting to gear up for the new year and all the fun things CTMH has in store for us and the fun projects I'll be teaching in classes.

During December I took a class from a Close To My Heart consultant in a town close to mine and I love taking classes from Doris. It's the one time I'm not the teacher. I don't have to do any of the things a teacher has to do. I just get to go and have fun. I get to talk to the other ladies and enjoy myself. I love the ladies in the classes I teach and we have fun but sometimes it's fun not to be the teacher.

Doris's class was this adorable rosette tree. We started with a foam cone center rosettes cut with the Cricut. And LOTS of straight pins! It really was super easy to make.

 I'm planning to make a couple smaller ones for next year to go with it.
   Happy Scrapping,

Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Merry Christmas from our family to yours.  I pray your enjoying time with your loved ones. We have 2 Christmases down in 2 days and 1 more to go! 

Happy Scrapping,

Sunday, December 23, 2012


Usually we read blog posts and think of blessings more around Thanksgivings. But this Christmas this Momma is feeling VERY BLESSED after our son was in an accident during the blizzard that hit Iowa this past week.

Nothing has ever made my heart stop like it did the exact second my 26 yr old son called with terror in his voice and said he had hit a culvert in a ditch with his truck on his way to work. His face hit the steering wheel before the air bag could deploy and then hit the ceiling of the truck. His truck flew thru the air and landed in the entrance to a field.

I'm thankful the snow is covering most of the damage. As I talked to him on the phone while we drove to pick him up I asked him if I was going to freak out when I saw the accident and he said just not to look. So I just hugged him as much as he would let me.
I was a bit braver after he was in the Yukon and safe with us, so I clicked a few pictures before we left. I haven't been to see it since its been at the body shop and I don't really care now that he's safe!
We're thanking the Lord and hugging both of our kids a bit tighter this Christmas!
 Happy Scrapping,

Monday, December 10, 2012

Advent Calender

I had so much fun putting together the Advent Calender from Close To My Heart. Using the Artiste cartridge to cut the boxes makes things so easy. I loved all the frame stamps. I'll definitely be using them on other projects. The chipboard pieces were easy to attach to the boxes before I put the boxes together. The boxes were super easy to fold and put together with a little adhesive.

I guess I didn't make sure my boxes were in straight before I took this picture. I think it would be a great addition to any family activity or class room.

Happy Scrapping,

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Ordered Christmas Cards

Stationery card
View the entire collection of cards.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving and a Sorry!

First off I hope you all have a very blessed Thanksgiving with your families. I'm taking the week off of blogging to spend time with family and do a little early Christmas decorating.

I really hate to add word verification to my blog. I HATE to type those in when I'm commenting on blogs I read daily, but Spammers have hit my blog and have not let up. So for a while I have word verification on and when hopefully I can take it off soon.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My Creations Bracket Frame

This is the frame we made at the Close To My Heart Regionals in St. Louis. It was such a fun time, I guess I'm dragging out posting my projects so I can relive all the fun. I've  had the frame done since Regionals but I haven't gotten pictures taken until now. I'm terrible at taking pictures of my projects. I guess it's finding the right place for lighting, finding time to take the pictures and all the editing. And sometimes even with the editing the pictures just don't do the project justice. Like today. This frame is so stinkin cute in person and it's super easy to make.

 All you need to start with it the My Creations Bracket Frame, Avonlea paper, Colonial White cardstock, Burlap Ribbon, Chocolate cardstock, Opaque Mocha Gems , Love Blooms stamp set and the Cricut Artiste cartridge.  Now your all set to make this wonderful frame.

The rosettes are cut with the Artiste cartridge and are super easy to make. It just takes a little time to fold them.

The frame we made at Regionals had something different where I put the Burlap ribbon. I don't remember what they had there but I really like the burlap and wanted to make my frame a little different and make it my own. I hope you have fun making your frame.

  Happy Scrapping,

Monday, November 12, 2012

Fall Boxes with the Artiste Cartridge

Almost all of my projects use the Artiste cartridge. I just love this Cricut cartridge! I made these cute little boxes using the Artiste, it makes everything quick and easy. No measuring and cutting. Just load your paper, press a button and let the Cricut do the work!

I used paper from the Moonlight paper pack for both boxes. The black Tulle is a perfect addition to this box. 

The Sweet Treats stamp from the Perfect Fit Halloween stamp set  has several great images you can stamp inside decorative circles. Just perfect for a finishing touch.

  Happy Scrapping

Friday, November 9, 2012

Gifts From Regionals

These are some of the wonderful gifts I received from my awesome roommate Amie, from Regionals. She was so creative and I LOVE the notepad. She cut the cute box from the Artiste Cartridge. She also cut the tags on the box and the notebook with the Artiste cartridge. The tag on the box is stamped with the Perfect Fit Frames. It just makes the tag pop. Isn't the box the cutest! I can just imagine it in Pear and Partridge paper sticking out of stockings on Christmas morning. Hhmmmmm, I think I just came up with my next project.

Isn't the pen just so fun! It's just as fun to write with. The notebook cover matches the pen too. Amie was so clever when she made the notebook cover. She has a pocket so the notebook slips in the pocket and can be changed out when you need a new one. I love the mini pompom ribbon on the side. And the large Adventure USA stamp is so great. I can mark each of the Regional meetings and conventions I go to. Thank You, Thank You Amie, you were so generous and creative!
  Happy Scrapping,

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Cute Trick or Treaters

 We didn't have very many trick or treaters this year so there was plenty of candy to go around. Here are a few of our cute trick or treaters. My favorite ones anyway. :) 

         Lindsey is the cutest clown you'll find and Andrea couldn't be a more beautiful bee.

                                  Andrew is way cuter than Luigi ever was. 

And Cameron is the cutest Pooh Bear ever! Mom and Dad thinks he's pretty cute too. 

Minnie doesn't like her bee costume as much as Andrea does. But it makes me laugh to dress her up each year. :) 

Happy Scrapping,

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Dry Erase Board

I saw a dry erase board at Regionals and thought "I can do that" lol. It was so quick and easy to make. My favorite kind! The hardest part was finding the right frame. I found this one at Wal Mart for $7. It has hangers on it if you want to hang it on the wall but I think mine might go on the kitchen counter so I used a easel.

I used the Pear & Partridge paper and zip strip for this frame. The green works for my kitchen decor and I love the Pearl Flourishes. The top flourish is under the glass and the bottom flourish is on the outside frame and I cut the adhesive strip with the pearls and stuck them to the glass. The sentiment is from the Love Blooms stamp set. I've used this stamp set so many times. Its a great basic must have set. The Cricut cut is from the Artiste cartridge.

The great thing about this dry erase board is the ability to change out the papers any time my heart desires or according to the seasons, which I love to do too. I may have to make one using the La Belle Vie paper for my scrapbook room.

 Happy Scrapping,

Monday, October 29, 2012

Current Favorites Layout- Regionals

Here's another layout we did at Close To My Heart Regionals, using the Scholastic paper line. The Perfect Fit Frames were a nice addition too and the red twine finished it off. I think I'll use this layout for my daughter and her "current favorites" in movies and books. Its a great layout thats quick and easy to put together and a great way to use small scraps.

Happy Scrapping,

Friday, October 26, 2012

Studio J Layouts

For the Close To My Heart Regionals we were to make 5 two page layouts using Studio J. It was so quick and easy to click and drag your pictures. Some of the layouts were pre planned and you don't have to change a thing. There's also layouts where you can change the papers, colors and designs. You can change it as much or as little as you like. Now I'm not a big computer person and to me scrapbooking is actually have paper in my hands, but this is a great way to get lots of pages done in a short amount of time.

You can check out more Studio J layouts and see if it might work for you. During the month of October you can get a free layout when you purchase 9. You can check it out here.
 Happy Scrapping,

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Display Tray

When I saw this Display Tray on Close To My Heart convention this summer I knew I would be doing a class with it. I just didn't know exactly how it would look or what paper line I would use. Thankfully a fellow CTMH consultant, Lisa Stenz did a fabulous job designing this display tray using the Avonlea paper pack. I did alter a few things to fit the ladies that come to my classes. Time is always at a premium so we didn't add the rosette that would take a bit of time. There were a few other things I changed to make it work for me. I don't have the pictures I'm using yet so I left the "Family" sticker on its clear backing until I add the picture than I'll remove the clear backing. You can see a bit of glare from the backing. The stickers are Avonlea Canvas Shapes which gives them a great textured look. You can click on the picture to get a close look at the great Slate Satin Polka Dot ribbon and the white Rosette Ribbon. Its gorgeous ribbon! I used it in the center of the bow at the top of the tray and I also lined the box at the bottom with the Rosette Ribbon.

The heart is teal cardstock and a heart cut from Burlap Ribbon and  a Clear Sparkle in the center.
As a true scrapbooker I already know how I want our pictures taken so they work with this frame.  I'll be adding a 4x6 picture of the four of us to the photo mat and 3 smaller pictures to the 3 diagonal boxes. The top box will be of our daughter, the middle box will be a picture of our son, and the bottom box will be one of my husband and I together. Now the hard part -  to get all of us together at the same time to get our pictures taken.

Jennie did hers as a gift and used Christmas paper from the Pear and Partridge line and the Dimensional Elements.. I love the papers and I'll be making one for our Christmas pictures. She changed hers a bit to fit her personality and style.

Nellie changed her boxes up a bit to fit where she'll be adding her pictures. She also wanted to go with more of a green theme than the teal color so I changed out her photo mat color and the color of her initial.

They did a great job and I can't wait to get started on my Christmas tray.

Happy Scrapping

Monday, October 22, 2012

Card Box

I was looking thru pictures from this past year and realized I hadn't shared this great project. This summer I took another class from Doris and made this super cute and easy card box. It was made with one piece of cardstock for the box and the wonderful Florentine paper.

A side view to show you we decorated all sides of the box. It would make a great gift for a co worker or friend. 

The flap opens up to store your cards in. The Hook & Loop Dots make it so easy to keep the lid closed. You wouldn't want these great cards to fly out. (wink- wink)

We used the Stamp Of The Month in the Spring/ Summer Idea Book, which is no longer available. Sorry. But the cards are so adorable I had to share. You could change out the stamps for any other stamp set and have a great gift.

  Happy Scrapping,

Friday, October 19, 2012

My Blessings Abound

I borrowed the basic design for this card from another Close To My Heart consultant. I knew when I saw the Burlap Ribbon on this card I would be scraplifting this idea.

I live in Iowa so we get to see all the beautiful colors of fall with the leaves changing. Right now the trees outside my home are beautiful shades of orange and red. I used the Fall Harvest stamp set for the leaves and the sentiment was stamped using the Abundance stamp set. I also used the Harvest Assortment Twine which is so fun to use. The Burlap Ribbon has 5yds of ribbon so you can do so many projects with it. I'm sure when you get the ribbon you'll want to use it on lots of fun projects.

I've had lots of questions on how I adhere the burlap ribbon to my projects. I use Liquid Glass and it works great every time. I put a fine line at the top and bottom edge of my ribbon and put it on the card. It's been on their for a couple weeks and it's still holding tight.

I'll be sending this card to our Pastor and his wife for Pastor Appreciation month. Pastor Steve and Debbie are wonderful and selflessly serve our church in so many ways and are the most humble people you will ever meet. I definitely count them among my blessings.

  Happy Scrapping,

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Birthday Gifts

My birthday was last week and my friends and family gave me the best gifts. My son started my birthday off with a great gift. On Sunday both of our kids were home, which is more difficult than you would think. Erica lives in Marshalltown and Tyler lives here in Oskaloosa but their always busy and we don't get to all be together at the same time very often.

So it was a very extra special day when they were both home and Tyler came to church with us. It was the only thing I wanted for my birthday, for all of us to go to church together. I couldn't quit smiling during the whole church service.

 Erica knew I had had my eye on this super cute pumpkin bread pan. So Cute! I knew I had several get togethers coming up that I could use it for.  It came with this yummy Spiced Pecan Pumpkin bread mix and a jar of Pecan Pumpkin Butter. I used it this past weekend for a family get together at my In Laws and it tasted great.

 And my Dear Friend Thelma gave me this very fall inspired basket. I love fall so this is heaven in a basket for me!

 It was filled with wonderful muffins, homemade cappuccino mix, chocolates, and a fun new mug.
 Don't you love the label she made for the homemade cappuccino! So cute, and it just makes me smile when I see it in the mornings.

 Happy Scrapping,

Monday, October 15, 2012

Scroll Album Class

I taught the Scroll Workshop on the Go class several weeks ago and the ladies did a wonderful job. I love that we all started with the same kit and they all look so different with each of our own finishing touches.

                           This is the scroll album picture from the Idea Book.

       This is my scroll album with pictures of our family vacation   2011 in South Carolina.

         Nellie's scroll with first day of school pictures of her grandchildren

     Jennie made her scroll album as a wedding gift for friends. How fitting that the sentiment says "Where our story begins".

  Mindy's scroll album shows pictures from a family vacation where they rode dirt bikes.

 Happy Scrapping,

Friday, October 12, 2012

St Louis Arch- Regionals

What type of scrapbooker would I be without pictures of the Arch. And no trip to St Louis would be complete without pictures of the Arch. I was able to take several pictures of the Arch, mostly when we were lost on our way to supper. We weren't really lost, our driver just took a wrong turn that ended us up on the wrong side of the bridge to Illinois. We were in stop and go traffic with EVERYONE on their way to a St Louis ball game. But we're a crazy bunch of ladies so we laughed and took pictures.

I can't believe I got these pictures from the back of a van driving over the bridge and thru the streets of St Louis and I was only using my point and shoot camera. 


This last picture was taken when we were walking to supper at Spaghetti Factory in the Laclede's Landing area downtown. Its a great area with brick paved streets with horse drawn carriages, outdoor dining and sweet couples walking arm and arm. We just happened to look down a street and saw this great view! It was a great end to a wonderful weekend at Regionals.

Happy Scrapping,
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