Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Calender For Mom's Christmas

I didn't realize I hadn't posted pictures of the calender I made for my Mom for Christmas. It's very simple and really not my style. Mom would be happy if I slapped the pictures on a white page with no decorations, but I use this as a good time to use papers and stickers I no longer like or a great time to use scraps.

Sorry for the bad pictures. I took them Christmas Eve after Mom had opened her gift. I always start her calender in October but for some reason I'm always finishing it up at the last minute. I had it all wrapped a week before Christmas and realized I had forgotten to take pictures and I already had all my gift wrap put away and didn't want to rewrap her gift. So I waited until she opened it that night and took pictures real quick. The flash is glaring off most of the sentiment stickers.
The first picture is of my baby sisters family. The next one is of my brothers family. He's also the one in the last picture holding the biggest blessing our family got this year which is his new baby boy! Yup, he has twins that are 18 and graduating high school, a  9yr old. and now a new bundle of joy.  The 3rd and 4th pictures are of all the kids at Easter. The fifth pictures is of my nephew graduating high school. And then the sweet little baby Cameron.

Happy Scrapping

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Carolyn/MamaC said...

I am your newest follower (from the Cricut Circle Message Board blog list)! What a treasure for your mother! Beautiful pictures!

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