Monday, February 27, 2012

Mother Daughter Crop at Home

A couple weeks ago my sweet daughter Erica was home for the weekend and I was surprised when she suggested we have a day of scrapbooking. Erica likes to scrapbook but it's not her first love, she's more of a reader and movie watcher. I would scrapbook over anything else. So I was really excited when she wanted to scrapbook.
 We usually try to have a couple times a year when her and I go to a weekend crop together but with her teaching schedule it wasn't going to work this spring. So that Saturday we set up the TV and DVD player in my scrapbook room and set up tables for both of us. We're both fans of The Big Bang Theory and it's easy to watch it and scrapbook. 

It was so nice to not have to pack everything up. Whatever we needed was right there. All the scrapbook supplies were there and I have a small frig with drinks and we brought snacks down with us.

Both of my Cricuts were handy and ready to go. I REALLY like not having to pack everything up. We ordered out for meals and scrapbooked all day and most of the night. I don't think we stopped until about midnight. I did get quite a bit done!


Pink Cricut said...

This is so sweet!! :) I love that you two were able to do this together!! :)

Carolyn/MamaC said...

How marvelous! What a treat for mother and daughter! I know you had a fabulous time! Thank you for sharing you photos!

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