Sunday, April 22, 2012

Seam Binding Flowers

The first time I saw this layout in the Florentine Workshop On The Go Kit I noticed the flowers right away and loved them. I’m not really an orange girl but it’s becoming  a fast favorite. And I just can’t get enough of the orange flowers!
 The centers of the flowers are made with Color Ready Seam Binding. These wonderful flowers can be made in any color and any size. The  Color Ready Seam Binding will take on any color ink you add to it. I love the idea of a ribbon that I can change to match any paper at any time. I used a Sponge Dauber  to add the ink and then leave the ribbon to dry for at least 30 minutes before you adhere it to the cardstock flowers.  When your ribbon is dry tie a knot in the end of the ribbon and start twisting the ribbon and twirling it around the center knot, when you come to the end of the ribbon put the tail underneath. Add Liquid Glass to the center of the flower and put your ribbon in the Liquid Glass. Push down softly and let dry. I use Liquid Glass for so many things. If you buy the Florentine Workshop On The Go Kit the seam binding comes with the kit. Give it a try, these flowers are so cute!
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