Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Roses for Mothers Day

My very sweet husband aka- Lawnmower Man, gave me roses for Mothers Day. They are gorgeous and I really appreciate them. I have lots of roses in our yard but he doesn't buy me flowers very often so it's a very big treat when he does. A couple of them were drooping when I took the photos but then I noticed the water level was low. The florist didn't make sure they were watered well before he brought them home. After I added more water they are looking great!

They just make me smile every time I walk into the room and they have a great fragrance too.
I'm hoping to get pictures taken tomorrow of a card class I took today. They are such cute cards. But I've been on babysitting duty, my nephew had an emergency appendectomy this evening and I watch the two younger boys. I'm not sure what tomorrow will hold. But I'll try to get them posted soon.

Happy Scrapping

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Carolyn/MamaC said...

Oh, my goodness! The selection of roses is stunning! What a wonderful gift!
If you are brave, you can make these roses last a long time...
Everyday, remove the roses and cut just a tiny bit off the stems under running water. Add fresh water to the vase and enjoy!

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