Friday, October 12, 2012

St Louis Arch- Regionals

What type of scrapbooker would I be without pictures of the Arch. And no trip to St Louis would be complete without pictures of the Arch. I was able to take several pictures of the Arch, mostly when we were lost on our way to supper. We weren't really lost, our driver just took a wrong turn that ended us up on the wrong side of the bridge to Illinois. We were in stop and go traffic with EVERYONE on their way to a St Louis ball game. But we're a crazy bunch of ladies so we laughed and took pictures.

I can't believe I got these pictures from the back of a van driving over the bridge and thru the streets of St Louis and I was only using my point and shoot camera. 


This last picture was taken when we were walking to supper at Spaghetti Factory in the Laclede's Landing area downtown. Its a great area with brick paved streets with horse drawn carriages, outdoor dining and sweet couples walking arm and arm. We just happened to look down a street and saw this great view! It was a great end to a wonderful weekend at Regionals.

Happy Scrapping,

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Kigz said...

I just got shivers as you described our walk to dinner. Your pictures are amazing, indeed, Dana! The ones from the car are pleasantly surprising. My favorite is the first and the third with the clouds. How blessed were we to be stuck like that! ;) Please email me them in as large of files as they will allow. Thanks!!!

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