Sunday, December 23, 2012


Usually we read blog posts and think of blessings more around Thanksgivings. But this Christmas this Momma is feeling VERY BLESSED after our son was in an accident during the blizzard that hit Iowa this past week.

Nothing has ever made my heart stop like it did the exact second my 26 yr old son called with terror in his voice and said he had hit a culvert in a ditch with his truck on his way to work. His face hit the steering wheel before the air bag could deploy and then hit the ceiling of the truck. His truck flew thru the air and landed in the entrance to a field.

I'm thankful the snow is covering most of the damage. As I talked to him on the phone while we drove to pick him up I asked him if I was going to freak out when I saw the accident and he said just not to look. So I just hugged him as much as he would let me.
I was a bit braver after he was in the Yukon and safe with us, so I clicked a few pictures before we left. I haven't been to see it since its been at the body shop and I don't really care now that he's safe!
We're thanking the Lord and hugging both of our kids a bit tighter this Christmas!
 Happy Scrapping,

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Kigz said...

DANA!!! I did not see this because it was when I was sick and visiting family--NOT a good combination. How is he doing? I am so sorry!

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