Thursday, March 7, 2013

Chantilly Card/Candy Box

A few pieces of paper and the My Creations Card Box turns this ordinary white box into a cute Easter treat for someone special. A few flowers cut with the Cricut Artist cartridge and a Sparkles Flourish and your ready to decorate.

 I folded the Chantilly paper to make dividers for the candy and wrapped a Reeses Egg, Hershey Nuggets and topped small Reeses peanut butter cups with circles. Add a little paper grass to the bottom and your ready to give a unique Easter treat.

For those that prefer to stay away from candy I made the same box and added cards to the inside. I decorated the 3x3 envelopes with a stamp from the Card Word Puzzle stamp set. I also used the same stamp set but a different flower to decorate the matching cards. I love frames so I used the Crafted With Love stamp set to make the frames and the sentiment on the front. I made several cards using inks that matched the colors in the Chantilly paper. I also decorated the RSVP pen from Wal Mart. It gives it a cohesive look and is so easy to cut a small rectangle of paper and slide it in the pen. Its a great gift for anytime.

Happy Scrapping,


Melissa Lind said...

Oh Dana! This is lovely! :) You should totally post this over at Damask Divas too!

fellow damask diva

Kigz said...

Oh, yes, yes, yes, it is really lovely! Nice work, indeed! :)

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