Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Happy Anniversary

Today is our anniversary. Where has 30 years gone? We were so young when we married, I was 18 and Roger was 24. When your crazy in love you don't see a thing wrong with graduating from high school on Wednesday and getting married on Saturday! Oh My, what were we thinking.

But some how it worked for us and the Lord has blessed us! It hasn't always been easy but its always been worth it. We tell so many kids thinking about getting married that it's hard work. REALLY hard work. But when you get to the other end of a rough patch it makes it so worth it. We're closer, more in love and we've grown together when we work thru a difficult time together. Some times I think you have to be crazy stupid in love to make it thru the hard parts. And the Lord has blessed us with being Crazy Stupid in LOVE with each other!

 Happy Scrapping,

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