Friday, May 24, 2013

Later Sk8r Card

I knew I liked this paper when I first saw it in the Idea Book. It's papers are very distressed and rugged, just like little boys! I needed a very quick card for my nephew and although I haven't shared all my layouts on here I've used all of my Later Sk8r paper and all I had left were scraps. So I gathered all the scraps I had and came up with this card.

If your short on your favorite paper but want to use up the scraps like I did you can make your paper go farther by using cardstock. The base of my card is grey cardstock because the grey diamond paper on the bottom wasn't long enough to fit across the whole card. I also put a small strip of white cardstock between the grey diamond paper and the green patterned paper because I was short on the green patterned paper and I really wanted to use both papers on this card.  I think the white strip ended up working great, it gives a visual divider between the two patterned papers. And it brings in a third section of white which visually balances the card. I added a few green and blues sparkles because you just can't have enough sparkle!

Happy Scrapping,

1 comment:

Kigz said...

I LOVE the way you put that blue sparkle in the middle of the star stamp! Be careful with those stunts! ;)

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