Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Fathers Day!

Happy Fathers Day to all the fathers out there. I know so many amazing men that are wonderful fathers too. My Dad, my very special husband and my brothers are amazing Dads. They love their families and are great providers and wonderful examples for their kids.

My Dad is a plain and simple man who doesn't ever pretend to be something he isn't, what you see is what you get. He's from a time when many husbands divorced their wives and the kids at the same time. He has said many times that one of his greatest accomplishments is that he didn't divorce his kids. He was a great dad that was always there for us. We got to spend every other weekend with him and we had fun shooting guns, fishing and spending time at the park. It has been my honor to care for him as he slowly went blind and has completely lost his sight and since a heart attach has taken its toll on his health. Love you Dad!

Roger is the most amazing example of what a dad should be. He loves his kids above all else, except the Lord and has sacrificed for his family is ways we don't even realize. He's always there for them and even when he's tired he helps Tyler around his house and yard and will do whatever "Daddy Do" list Erica has for him when we're at her apartment. We've always appreciated him but this May he gave us a scare when he had chest pains and thru a visit to the ER, an ambulance ride to Mercy hospital and an angiogram we were so happy to find out his heart is in good shape. But the scare of losing him has made us appreciate and love him all the more. He is a man worthy of respect, admiration and great love from his family. We love you Roger!

Happy Scrapping,


Shelly Nemitz said...

Is it OK if I say I love Roger too? You forgot to mention his great gift for hospitality and his friendly, happy nature toward absolute strangers!!!

Dana Paper Memories4u said...

Shelly, you can love him too! lol He felt like he already knew you and Amie, he had heard me talk about you both for so long. :)

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