Thursday, November 14, 2013

White Swirl Pumpkin

We're revisiting a post from last year. Its a super easy project that I look at everytime I go into our office and I really do love the look of it. Loved it last year when I made it and I still love it. Thats a great project- when you still like it a year later. ;) 

I started out with an inexpensive white pumpkin from Target. You'll want to be careful and get one that looks as real as possible without looking cheap. I didn't look at their pumpkins this year so I'm not sure what their supply was like this year. Although as much as I like this one I should have made another one.

I wish I would have paid attention to how many packages of swirls I used but I had been buying packages whenever I found them on sale at Michelas, Hobby Lobby and Wal Mart. Where ever I was I would pick them up. I bought alot of them from the dollar bins at different stores.  I love bling and knew that if I didn't use them on this pumpkin I would use them on scrapbook layouts or cards. Bling never goes to waste here! So I sat down with my white pumpkin and all of my bling and sat to work. This is the super easy part. I picked what I wanted for the front side of the pumpkin and started putting the bling on. All of the swirls I used were self adhesive so I just peeled the swirls off the backing and laid them on the pumpkin. I kept placing them until I had the pumpkin covered and then I took it and gently patted all the swirls with my hands. It just helps them stick a bit better. And then your done! So easy and a great addition to your fall decor.

Happy Scrapping,

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