Saturday, February 15, 2014

Frosted Layout 3

Simple Pleasures are Priceless Treasures. And a snowy day like today, snuggled up in my favorite chair with no where I have to be, is a treasure. Two puppies at my feet, my sweet daughter talking to me while she's snuggled on the couch and my favorite chocolates in the candy dish and this is a priceless day. Now to have someone take a picture... because you know the minute I move to take a picture the puppies are going to move and the perfect peaceful moment will be gone!

Well, since I wasn't able to capture that moment in photos I may take some pictures of the dogs outside in the snow tomorrow. With the snowflakes on this layout those would be great pictures for this too. The Art Booking and Artist Cricut Cartridges makes these snowflakes so easy. Just cut the snowflakes and then stamp them using the Frosted Workshop On The Go stamp set for the small snowflakes and the large snowflakes are stamped with the Classy Doily stamp set. I used Twilight and Whisper ink for the snowflakes. And I added a few Sparkles to the center of each snowflake. And of course the title is from the Workshop On The Go too. In this layout I stamped the title in Blush ink. One of my go to stamp sets here lately is Swirls Around. It always add that little extra touch to any page and goes with almost any layout. Hope your able to make some Priceless memories this weekend. :)

Happy Scrapping,

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