Monday, March 10, 2014

I'm in love with Picture My Life!

We're going to throw back, waaaaay back to my childhood. Now thats ALONG time ago. Just ask my kids. But really, it wasn't that long ago. Remember the days of Easter bonnets, white gloves and adorable dresses. And my poor, sweet brother in that plaid suit and look at that hat. What was my Mother thinking! Its a good thing he was so stinkin cute!

I stamped my title using the Vogue Alphabet stamps. I really like this stamp set because it has an upper and lower case alphabet. I'll be journaling on the 2 Avonlea Picture My Life cards in the center. I really have to journal about these insanely funny pictures so my kids and grandkids will know the stories of our family and our faith. Did you know its in the Bible that we're to pass on these stories to the next generations? Yup, it is. Psalm 78: 4, 6 "We will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord, His power, and the wonders He has done.So the next generation would know them, even the children yet to be born, and they in turn would tell their children." We need to share our faith stories in our scrapbooks.
I will share with the next generations that my Mom took us to church and she made sure that we went to Sunday School. Easter wasn't just about pretty dresses, suits and hunting Easter eggs. It was about our faith and Jesus dying on the cross for you and me. We have shared that faith with our kids and I'll continue to share that faith with other generations. I wish I could say my kids come from a long line of people with a strong faith. Reality is they don't. But my husband and I are changing that. We can change family legacys for the better.

A little background on the two photos above: My brothers, sisters and I are sitting on the couch when we were young. We've always joked about this picture and so a few years ago we decided to recreate the original photo. As you can see we're laughing and having a good time. Gotta love family!

Now the pictures below are from my childhood and when my parents were married. Thankfully I had these pictures safe before my Moms apartment burnt down and we lost many many family photos. I've started adding names to the "Family Tree" card. I have to double check on the spelling of a couple middle names. I certainly don't want to get the spelling wrong.

I'll be asking my Mom for more info on these pictures so I can add journaling. Some have dates on the back, and the picture on the bottom right has the date printed on it which really helps. I love the sentiment on the center card "picture PERFECT". None of these pictures, by todays photography standards would be considered perfect. But they are perfect to me. They are my family, my history and they are my story. That makes them perfect to me.

So I hope you get out your pictures. Any pictures. And start telling your story for the next generation.

Happy Scrapping,


T Smith said...

Love those pages! Beautiful family!

Brenda said...

Your layouts are fabulous and are what scrapping is all about! The journaling is just as important as well to pass down to future generations. I so remember wearing the cute dresses, white gloves and hat for Easter. I wish times were more like that now and think we have gotten to far away from what is respectable. Great job in documenting your families story!!

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