Friday, March 7, 2014

Picture My Life

Close To My Heart has a new line and I've decided to try it out. Picture My Life. It starts our just like regular scrapbooking only easier. And quicker! And I can really get into quicker. We all know life is going at break neck speed lately.

I'm starting with the Avonlea Picture My Life kit.  You have the option of a full title page and it fits in a standard 12x12 page protector. I'm using my Picture My Life album for all of my favorite photos. So I started with one of my favorite pictures of me and my adorable hubby. This picture was taken on our favorite beach a few years ago.

I'm not putting the pictures in chronological order or any order at all actually. As I come across pictures I like I'm putting them in my album.Even if they are already in my kid's albums. This is one just for me so it can be whatever I want it to be. I'll be scrapping the good, the bad and the ugly in this album.  As long as its my favorite photos and they speak to my heart.Even if they aren"t the best photos in the world, GASP!

I have lots of pictures that I've made copies of or I haven't had time to scrap yet and I don't want them attached in a regular scrapbook layout. In this album I just slid them in the slot and I'm able to take them out at any time and make more copies. You know all those photos we have from before digital cameras.

The second page has my favorite photos of when our son was born. Erica was so excited to have a little brother and he really couldn't care less. Roger is looking over his beautiful children and feeling very proud of the little family he's created, Erica is nuzzling Tyler's hand and I'm sure planning on all the loves and hugs she's going to be giving her little brother and Tyler's crying. He wasn't a big one for hugs and kisses then and he's still not. This kids love language is words of encouragement and gifts. Bring him lots of gifts!!! Then your speaking to his heart. Actually all three of them love words of encouragement. My 3 peas in a pod.

The Avonlea Picture My Life set is a perfect match for these black and white photos. And I love that you get different page protectors in each set.So if you have page protectors for horizontal or vertical photos. You can also buy extras of any design.

I'll still be doing my regular scrapbooking. I LOVE to scrapbook and use pretty paper and adhesive and bling. Lots of bling! But for this project the Picture My Life kit as an answer to prayers for quick scrapbooking.

Happy Scrapping,

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Shelly Nemitz said...

Love what you've shown so far. I hope we're going to get more of this awesomeness!! Your words are very sweet too.

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