Thursday, December 18, 2014

Taking a Break

I'm sorry for the long break I've taken. I kept putting off writing this post. I thought some how I would be able to get back to blogging and crafting. But my Dads health isn't getting better and he's requiring more and more care. I'm so thankful that I'm able to care for him. God has blessed me with an amazing husband that understands and supports me thru all these years of caring for my Dad. My Dad is 74, so he's not that old but he hasn't taken care of his health and life has been hard on him. Time is running out for him and I'm trying very hard to make this time special for him and focus on the good. The Dr has told us my Dads time is limited and we believe the Lord has given us this time as a gift. A gift to say the things we need and want to say, a gift to make this time special and focus on what is most important to us. A gift to not have any regrets.

Yesterday was an especially hard day and I questioned God if it was better to know ahead of time that a loved one was dying or if it was easier for them to be taken away with no warning. Gods answer to me, there is no easy way to lose someone you love. Each one has its difficulties, so I'm choosing to look at this as a blessing. We've had especially hard year and a half and now I can see that God had his hand in it. He knew this was going to be more than I could take and He was preparing me, making me stronger, so I could handle this and that it wouldn't break me.

So I am taking a break from my blog. I'm not sure how long I"ll be gone. Please check back from time to time. Right now I find no comfort in crafting. I have very few spare moments and its enough just to keep my daily life going.
Hopefully I'll be back soon.

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